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Feature Case Study


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With an expanding team and very little office space, the management at Paladin Resources were faced with a difficult financial decision, whether or not to make that costly office move. The below factors are just some of the challenges that Paladin and many other businesses face in these circumstances.

  • Requirement for more office space
  • Lack of space to move around the office
  • A need to hire more staff but have nowhere to sit them
  • Real estate has become costly
  • Time taken to locate misplaced files costing more and more in administration wages
  • Very few staff members able to use the existing filing system

The KolorKode Team were tasked to come and assess whether there may be an alternative solution to the dreaded office move. Upon several consultative visits we offered a number of recommendations to the management at Paladin.

The first recommendation was to convert Paladin’s bank of 84 four drawer filing cabinets to a much more space and cost effective mobile shelving (Compactus) unit.

The second recommendation was to convert a suspension file and filing cabinet set-up to a more space efficient lateral Fullvue® shelf file set up.

Filing Cabinets vs Compactus

When it came down to the actual time saving part of the job (the filing system), the KolorKode team worked closely with administrative staff at Paladin to formulate the best possible solution. Based on the way that Paladin filed tenements, exploratory and other mining related paperwork, we came up with the perfect solution in the form of a tailored alphabetical Fullvue® lateral filing system.

Paladin Resources' new filing system

Before the conversion to KolorKode only 2 out of the 21 staff were able to use the existing filing system, the remaining 19 were not sure how the files were categorised or where to find them. On average it was taking around 3 minutes and 10 seconds to find or replace a file (not taking misfiles into account). After the KolorKode system was installed, all 21 staff members were happy and confident enough to locate and replace files themselves. The average locate and refile time was reduced to just 33 seconds, an improvement of 83% in filing efficiency!

The below figures clearly demonstrate how being smart with your space saved Paladin Resources space and ultimately money.

The Figures:

Total Amount of Filing Space Available:   
84 x Four Drawer Filing Cabinets (0.55 lineal metros per drawer) 184.4 lineal metres
1 x Mekdrive Compactus® Mobile Shelving Unit 504 lineal metres 
Total Amount of Floor Space Used by Filing Equipment:   
84 x Four Drawer Filing Cabinets at *0.57m2 each 47.9m2
1 x Mekdrive Compactus® Mobile Shelving Unit 28.8m2
Total Cost of Rent for Space Occupied by Filing Equipment:  
84 Four Drawer Filing Cabinets (47.9m2) x *$600m2 $28,740 per year   
1 x Mekdrive Compactus (28.8m2) x *$600m2 $16,920 per year 

*Filing Cabinet with open drawer (0.63m+0.55m deep (cabinet + open drawer) x 0.48m Wide) = 0.57m2

*Average rental cost in area at time of conversion = $600/m2 

Paladin Resources' new filing system

The Final Result

Saved Space

19.1m2 of floor space was saved in Paladin’s office. Not only did this mean that they no longer needed to move office, but it enabled Paladin's management to put two new desks in the office to seat two new revenue-earning staff members.

The KolorKode team were able to reduce the amount of total floor space used for filing at Paladin, from 47.9 to 28.8 lineal metres, as well as increase the capacity of available filing space from 184.4 to 504 lineal metres (+ 175%), all within 19.1m2 less floor space!

Saved Time

It terms of the time saving aspect of the actual filing system. As a general rule if you save around 30 minutes filing and retrieving files a day using, the KolorKode system will pay for itself within 6-12 months. Originally on 2 out of the 21 staff were able to confidently use the filing system. Since KolorKode has been installed all 21 staff can use the system. The below figures clearly demonstrate how much easier to use and more efficient the KolorKode Filing System has proven to be for the team at Paladin Resources:

Average file finding and replacing time (previous) 3 minutes 10 seconds
Average file finding and refiling time (new) 33 seconds
Total improvement in filing efficiency 2 minutes 37 seconds (83%)
Saved Money

The long-term financial benefit of this conversion will become more apparent over time. It generally takes between 6 and 12 months of rent savings to cover the cost of the storage solution. This can however be offset by the fact that Paladin were able to employ several new highly skilled staff who were capable of generating a significant amount of revenue, based on the availability of new space in their office.

Paladin's KolorKode filing system

The immediate saving comes down to the total amount of money spent on rent for each of the comparative filing systems. The figures below speak for themselves.

Total Cost of Rent for Old Filing System - 47.9m2 x $600/m2 $28,740 per year
Total Cost of Rent for KolorKode System - 28.8.9m2 x $600/m2 $16,920 per year
Total Saving $11,820 per year on floor space alone


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