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"When we moved to new premises we wanted to conserve space and make the best of our office environment. We therefore took the opportunity to adopt the KolorKode filing system. Previously we used lever arch binders to file job related documentation and staff found that they took up a lot of space on their desks and were also cumbersome to handle at times resulting in some of the contents tearing. Misfiling was also a problem as the labeling on the files was not particularly clear.

The KolorKode Fullvue® files were introduced and their lateral tabs colour coded to identify the job number. At the same time we colour coded the files themselves (approximately 1000), to aid in distinguishing between the three main types of client files.

All in all the change has been most successful. Compactus® storage has saved us space, filing is easier, misfiles are rare and the files are clearly distinguishable on the desks of staff. At the time of the change we instructed staff in its use and introduced them to the expected benefits. Staff acceptance has been good and the staff appreciate the ease of use of the new files.

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