Kolor Kode

WB Financial

WB Financial 

"We would just like to thank you on behalf of myself and the staff here at WB Financial Management for the assistance you have given us not only with the implementation of the Compactus® filing system but also particularly your patience in working with us in ascertaining what suited us best and what would be most effective for our operation here before we undertook the purchasing of the Compactus® and files from you.

In this day and age where the emphasis is so heavily on the sale itself, it was very refreshing to deal with someone with a very strong approach to service all the way through and in doing so, you assisted us greatly in implementing a system that we are exceptionally happy with.

As you pointed out the changes with regard to the implementation of the filing system and use of the Compactus® have led to much more effectiveness within our practice.

Thank you very much for all your help and we would be more than pleased to offer our services as a referee for you if you have potential clients in the future who would like to hear about the benefits of the Compactus® system and particularly your high level of service.

Please don’t hesitate to call or have your prospective clients call us. In the meantime we look forward to working with you and KolorKode for the long term."

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