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Absent Wallet - Rigid

Absent Wallet

The Rigid Absent Wallet is made from polypropylene, contains card reinforcement for rigidity and is available in five colours (Black, Dark Blue, Green, Red, Yellow).  This product is designed for use in lateral/shelf filing applications and comes in both A4 (Medical Absent Wallet) or Foolscap (Standard Fullvue®) sizes. Please note that an Absent Wallet Label will need to be used in conjunction with this product.

  • Used to mark the spot where a file has been removed for filing/work by an individual
  • Clearly visible amongst lateral files on a shelf 
  • Contains a pocket to store temporary paperwork for the absent file
  • Made of rigid polypropylene with stiff insert to retain form with a clear front cover pocket

Foolscap (Fullvue®)
Reorder Code: 165724/BLA – Black 
  165724/BLU –  Dark blue
  165724/GRE – Dark green 
  165724/RED - Red 
  165724/YEL - Yellow 
Pack Size:   10 
Dimensions:  240mm high x 380mm wide 
A4 (Medical)
Reorder Code: 165734/BLA – Black 
  165734/BLU –  Dark blue
  165734/GRE – Dark green 
  165734/RED - Red 
  165734/YEL - Yellow  
Pack Size:  10 
Dimensions:   240mm high x 345mm wide 


Product Code:
165724 & 165734
Absent Wallet - Rigid
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