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Fullvue® A3 File

Fullvue® A3 files are often used to store drawings in A3 or folded A2 sizes, where a standard foolscap lateral file would be too small. We typically recommend a shelf depth of 500mm to accommodate these files.


  • Unique flap/side tab design conceals and protects paperwork
  • Flap greatly enhances the visibility of file labels, serving as a book mark
  • Flap is specially marked to guide placement of alpha/numeric and  index labels
  • Scored spine and expandable gusset accommodate increasing file size

Fullvue® A3 File

Reorder Code:  100800
Pack Size:  Pack of 100 Files
Dimensions:  238mm high x 429mm wide
Spine Expansion:  30mm 
Capacity: 200 - 250 Pages 

Product Code:
Fullvue® A3 File
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