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Fullvue® Twin Tab File

This file features all of the advantages of the Fullvue® file, with the benefit of the triangulated top tab system used on our Quickvue® file. The unique design not only keeps the paperwork neat and tidy, but also enables the application of KolorKode labels to both the top and the side of the file, creating 100% visual control. The Twin Tab file also incorporates a gusset that expands as the
size of the file increases.


  • Side tab and flap to accommodate for shelf file labeling/filing
  • Raised triangular top tab provides full visibility for drawer labeling/filing 
  • Tabs are marked to facilitate placement of KolorKode labels
  • Wrap around file cover protects and conceals paperwork
  • The spine is scored to allow expansion of file with the growth of its contents

Fullvue® Twin Tab File

Reorder Code  165703
Pack Size  Pack of 100 Files
Dimensions  260mm high x 365mm wide
Spine Expansion  30mm
Capacity 200-250 Pages

Product Code:
Fullvue® Twin Tab File
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