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Loop Rack

The Loop Rack sits on the shelf and clips into place behind the shelf with two lugs. Although the loop is flexible, it has the strength to hold lateral KolorKode files upright, making filing easier and prolonging the life of the files.

Loop Rack (900 x 300)*
Reorder Code: 60043
Dimensions:  900mm wide x 300mm deep
Loop Rack (900 x 400)* 
Reorder Code: 60042
Dimensions:   900mm wide x 400mm deep
Loop Rack (1200 x 300)* 
Reorder Code: 60044
Dimensions:   1200mm wide x 300mm deep 
Loop Rack (1200 x 400)* 
Reorder Code:  60045
Dimensions:    1200mm wide x 400mm deep 

* Racks can be cut down to fit 750mm and 1050mm shelves

Product Code:
600042 - 600045
Loop Rack
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