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Portable Filing Kit

Is your home filing system a complete mess? Do you find it almost impossible to find that bill you need to pay? NOT ANY MORE..... With the Portable Filing Kit, all the hard work is done for you. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3... Simply peel off a label, stick it on the top of your Quickvue® file, put your paperwork in to the file and place in alphabetical order in the box for future reference and safe keeping.
All the labels have been pre-printed for your convenience. If there is a category that doesn't appear on the list, simply used one of the blank, unprinted labels to name your own file. Labels can be either handwritten or run through a printer using Avery template L7163 in Microsoft Word.
Additional Quickvue® files and labels can be bought at any time, enabling you to keep building on your system. It's easy to store in the closet and makes the perfect gift for someone you think has everything..... 
Portable Filing Kit
The Portable Filing Kit includes:
  • Filing Kit Box
  • 25 x KolorKode Quickvue® Files
  • 4 sheets of Index Labels
  • 1 x Drawer Filing Rack
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Portable Filing Kit
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