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Quickvue® File

The patented KolorKode Quickvue® file was originally designed as an alternative to the traditional drawer based hanging
file system. The ingenious triangular top-tabbed design allows for the application of KolorKode labels and provides
excellent visibility of the file’s name. The Quickvue® is used with the Drawer Rack and supported from the bottom, keeping
paperwork together more neatly and efficiently than other traditional methods of filing. This combination also makes a
handy desktop top filing system.


  • Wrap around file cover suited for drawer filing cabinets
  • Raised triangular top tab provides full visibility of drawer file contents
  • Tabs are marked to facilitate the placement of KolorKode labels
  • Scored spine allows expansion of file with the growth of its contents
  • Files are supported from the bottom and held vertically with a drawer rack
  • An alternative to, and more space efficient than suspension files

Quickvue® Side/Top Tab File

Reorder Code  166007
Pack Size  Pack of 50 Files
Dimensions  260mm high x 365mm wide
Spine Expansion  30mm
Capacity 200-250 Pages










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Quickvue® File
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