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Side2Side Compactus

Side2Side is the ideal Compactus® for transforming under utilised areas into efficient storage space. It’s simple really! We just place a row of mobile shelving in front of a row of static shelving. The advantage of this is it has more 'pick' faces, giving you faster access to stored items than in a conventional Compactus® unit. 

Storage for Unconventional Space

Side2Side turns the most unconventional areas into unique and productive storage spaces. This system is perfect for alcoves, narrow spaces and unusually
shaped rooms.

Increase Productivity & Efficiency

Increase productivity and efficiency by locating more materials closer to the point-of-use. Side2Side eliminates the need for permanent aisles, as all materials are accessed from the front of the unit, converting precious floor space to storage space.

Side2Side Specifications

Please contact us for further information relating to configurations and availability of this product.

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Side2Side Compactus
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