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Steel Shelves

Steel CI-80 shelves are available in a variety of widths and depths to suit CI-80 shevling, Tambour Cabinets and Compactus. Shelves are supplied with the 'W' clips (code 151320), used to attach the shelf to the shelving unit.

Available Sizes

250mm Deep
750mm wide x 250mm deep
900mm wide x 250mm deep
1050mm wide x 250mm deep
1200mm wide x 250mm deep 
300mm Deep
750mm wide x 300mm deep 
900mm wide x 300mm deep  
1050mm wide x 300mm deep  
1200mm wide x 300mm deep   
400mm Deep 
750mm wide x 400mm deep  
900mm wide x 400mm deep 
1050mm wide x 400mm deep  
1200mm wide x 400mm deep  
450mm Deep
750mm wide x 450mm deep*   
900mm wide x 450mm deep*  
1050mm wide x 450mm deep   
1200mm wide x 450mm deep  
500mm Deep
750mm wide x 500mm deep   
900mm wide x 500mm deep   
1050mm wide x 500mm deep   
1200mm wide x 500mm deep   
600mm Deep
750mm wide x 600mm deep    
900mm wide x 600mm deep    
1050mm wide x 600mm deep    
1200mm wide x 600mm deep    

* 750mm wide x 450mm deep shelf is typically used in 900mm wide tambour units

* 900mm wide x 450mm deep shelf is typically used in 1200mm wide tambour units

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Steel Shelves
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