Kolor Kode

What is Filing

In simple terms, filing is the housing of documents or records in such a way that it can be located, referred to and put back in its correct place in the shortest possible time. The keys to a truly great filing system are not on only on based on the time it takes to file, but tidiness, cleanliness and compactness of the file.

All organisations run and manage their day to day business on facts. Today's office is the boiler room of industry. Without the office, businesses wouldn't operate, in real terms, the efficiency of an entire organisation often parallels that of their offices.

All business decisions are based on facts readily available at the right time. Thus the importance of record-keeping and filing systems cannot be too highly stressed. A well-planned system contributes significantly to efficiency of operations and ultimately the success of a business.

The underlying purpose of this is to help you help others to plan and develop an efficient, smoothly functional filing system. For non-experts, this is filing in a nutshell.

Records and recorded information are the cornerstone of any organisation. Fast and easy access to recorded information allows you to respond quickly to your clients and the internal needs of the business. Increased efficiency is equal to money saved.

The true test of any filing system is its ability to give an affirmative answer to the question "can I find what I want when I want it". Whether records are filed on a computer or in steel cabinets, they have to be readily accessible at all times. The cost of misplaced records to businesses can be staggering. This is where KolorKode comes in!

Over the years we have found that countless organisations often underestimate the value of having an efficient filing system. We have worked closely with many businesses that have been constantly frustrated by their filing processes, unaware that there was any other way.